Gold Bell Company Sdn. Bhd. (GBC) was incorporated in 1960 .lt was producing plastic bags and sheets before venturing into containers, limited to below 10 litres.

In 1983, the Company restructured its business and, it became a property investment company, up to this date. The plastic operation was taken over by a newly incorporated company in 1983, namely Gold Bell Industries Sdn Bhd (GBI). GBI expanded its products range, to include 20 litres and above.

We have, in fact, been manufacturing plastic containers to various industries for over 50 years. We only use good quality (food grade) raw materials. It is the Company’s policy to exclude the use of impure recycled materials. With our stringent quality control procedures, our products are ideal for companies in the liquid food manufacturing industries.

We continue to use the high quality (food grade) raw materials despite the fact that majority of our current customers are in the agro industry. In addition, our final products are packed with good quality plastic bags, also produced by us. We are confident that we can convince those in the food industry to use our quality products, that meet their stringent requirements.


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